Training & Research Fellowships

The MRC offers training and research fellowships to distinguished researchers and clinicians. In 2018 the MRC has offered three scholarships to international visiting clinicians for training in various aspects of mycetoma, and these were:

  1. Dr Iftin Osman Moussa, Ministry of Health, Republic of Djibouti supported by the WHO, EMRO.
  2. Dr Steven Van Den Broucke, Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium 13th - 21st October 2018.
  3. Dr Till Frederik Omansen, NTD Department, WHO, Geneva, supported by the WHO, Geneva


Research scholarships

Four research scholarships were offered to

  1. Miss Salama Ahmed Ramadan on protein study.
  2. Dr. Ammar Isam EL Din Sagid on in vitro drug sensitivity testing.
  3. Miss Khadiga Algaili Izzaldin on Microbiology
  4. Mr Abdelgabbar Siddig on Microbiology


The MRC fellowship:

The Mycetoma Research Center is pleased to recieve application for training fellowship on

  • Clicnical training
  • Laboratory training