The MRC had organised several training workshops, and continuing professorial development events for its staff, fellows and other medical and health personnel on different aspects of mycetoma and related research activities and that included the following: 


Quality control workshop

A Quality Control workshop was organised by the MRC during the period of 14th till 17th of April 2018 in collaboration with Kassala University, sponsored by the Italian Associa­tion for Solidarity among People (AISPO). The workshop had provided in-depth training in Good Clinical Laboratory Prac­tice and was attended by 30 participants.


Molecular Biology Workshop

It was organised during the period of 18 - 24th April 2018 in collaboration with the Central Laboratory, Port Sudan, AISPO and MRC. The participants were introduced to different mo­lecular techniques, and these include:

  • Conventional PCR
  • Multiplex PCR
  • RT PCR