Tuesday, 24th August 2021


The crowds flocked, and led by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Industry, the Ambassador of Japan in Khartoum, The  Vice-Chancellors of the University of Khartoum, The National Rabid, Sudan University for Science and Technology and Sudan International Universities, the President of the African Universities Association, Delegates of the French and Qatari embassies in Sudan, The Director and Deputy Director of Soba University Hospital, Medical and Health Faculties Deans, University professors, researchers, Qatar Charity Country, Association for Aid and Relief, Japan, MSF Belgium, Sudan Directors, the Mycetoma Ambassadors, Samil Industrial Company Director, the Federation of Industries Chamber President, media professionals and guests had witnessed the Mycetoma Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship Center ‘SAAI’D’ inauguration of on Tuesday 24th August 2021.  

Prof. Ahmed Hassan Fahal, Professor of Surgery and the Mycetoma Research Center Director, welcomed the guests and praised their presence, support, and understanding of the Mycetoma Research Center (MRC) roles in supporting the mycetoma patients during treatment and then after treatment to lessen their sufferings, disabilities and stigma. He stated SAAI’D is a humanitarian, vocational, business development and research centre that was established to address these issues. He affirmed the MRC determination to provide pioneering medical, community development and research projects to achieve its vision, objectives and roles. He expressed his great appreciation and gratitude to SAAI’D supporters, friends, and donors. He requested all stockholders, organizations and community activists to join forces to work together to execute SAAI’D aims and objectives for the benefit of patients and the poor at large.


Mr A Razig Osman, the Mycetoma Friends Association (MFA) President, then expressed his gratitude and thanks to the Japan Embassy in Khartoum for initiating this project via the Grass root project. He also thanked other donors and supporters for making SAAI’D a reality.   

A razig

Professor Fadwa Abdel Rahman, the University of Khartoum vice Chancellor, confirmed her confidence in the MRC team as the cream of the university and pioneers of research, teaching and community development in the country.


Mr Hattori Takashi, Ambassador of Japan in Sudan,  praised SAAI’D humanitarian and development project, commended the role of the Mycetoma Research Center, and recounted the history of Japanese cooperation in Sudan, especially in the health fields. He confirmed the cooperation and collaboration between Japan and Sudan would continue for better life quality of the two nations.

Japan Ambassdor

Professor Intisar Soghayroun, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, appraised the good work done by the MRC. She stated nothing is impossible under the sun.  She encouraged self-confidence and innovation and blessed the efforts achieved. She appraised the MRC leadership in medical, research and community development activities. She requested other institutions to follow this example to build a good medical, humanitarian, research and scientific base in Sudan.


A group of PhD students at Sussex University based at the MRC gave an account of SAAID academic and research links with Sussex University supported by the National Institute of Health Research in the United Kingdom. They explained the vital role of social sciences research and support to help disabled mycetoma patients.


Dr Dina Belial, the University of Khartoum Tech-pole Centre Director, stated clearly and elegantly the roles of SAAI’D in supporting the disabled patients and other in-need people in the different entrepreneurship capacities to develop a new life by establishing small and medium businesses.

Dr Dina

The ministers and Japanese ambassadors then honoured the 2021 Mycetoma Ambassadors. These were Mr Hisham Salih Abd al-Rahman Yaqoub, Samil Industrial company Director-General, and Mr Minoru Yamaguchi, The First Secretary, Japan Embassy in Sudan, for their excellent work to support the MRC and its patients.




SAAI’D donors and supports and a group of fine artists who created more than 45 elegant artistic ceramic and pottery collections were honoured by HE, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, for their extraordinary work.

Then the elegant and lofty guests toured SAAI’D departments, including the pottery, leather, bakery industries, the sewing workshop, the nursery, and the bazaar. They were amazed by the high-end artistic display of the popular products of pottery, fronds, textiles, wood and leather.


The Mycetoma Vocational Training and Entrepreneurship Center "SAAI'D"

SAAI’D construction began in 2020, and it was badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which had delayed its completion.  The built area is 600 square meters, and it has a nice garden. It has an elegant and rich nursery on 400 square meters, a big workshop of 400 square meters, a big garden, and an external yard on an area of 800 square meters. The construction cost amount to 200.000 US$. The training equipment cost 100 00 US$ 

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