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Outreach Villages Based Clinical Services

Mycetoma is a neglected tropical disease caused by certain fungi or bacteria, characterised by painless subcutaneous mass and the formation of multiple sinuses that produce purulent discharge and grains. If untreated early and appropriately, it usually spread to affect the deep structures and bone, resulting in massive damage, deformities and disabilities. Most of the affected patients are from under-developed communities of low socio-economic status. Hence, many tend to present late with advanced disease, and amputation or massive surgical excisions may be the only possible treatment.

To date, and despite progress in mycetoma research, a considerable knowledge gap remains in mycetoma pathogenesis and epidemiology, resulting in the lack of objective and effective control and preventive programmes. Currently, the available disease control method is early case detection and proper management.

To overcome these treatments and the socio-economic difficulties the mycetoma patients face, a unique holistic management approach, including medical, health, social, and financial care, is needed. To execute these objectives, two mycetoma regional satellites at mycetoma endemic villages in Sudan were established. One at Wad Onsa Village at Eastern Sennar Locality, Sennar State and the other at Al Andalus village at the Um Gar Locality, the White Nile. In these units, patients are seen and treated locally at their villages by mobile teams from the Mycetoma Research Centre, artificial limb prosthesis, health education and community support activities are all provided free of charge. More than 1000 patients were surgically treated at these villages. Read more


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