The Mycetoma Research Centre

  • In 1991, The Mycetoma Research Centre (MRC) was established under the umbrella of the University of Khartoum. It was set up at Soba University Hospital. The centre is recognised globally as a world leader and an authoritative advisor in mycetoma management and research. It is a WHO Collaborating Centre on Mycetoma.


MRC Justifications:

  • Mycetoma is a common problem, it is endemic in many tropical and subtropical areas and it is reported throughout the globe and Sudan seems to be the mycetoma homeland.
  • It affects young patients of low socio-economic classes. It has a high morbidity and can be fatal.
  • Both surgical and medical treatments are not satisfactory.
  • It enjoys meager attention by health and social sectors across the world, as it is a non-glorious disease. MRC had managed to include mycetoma at the WHO/Neglected Tropical Diseases List or the first after a long and difficult journey.