The Values of the Mycetoma Research Centre that is expressed in overall Human Resources policies.



Every employee at the centre has the right to be treated fairly and justly. The centre is committed that no unfair decisions that may be made by managers which can affect employee, the centre provides equal opportunities for employment and promotion, and it operates an equitable payment system.



The centre takes into account employee welfare before taking decisions.


Organisational learning

The centre takes into account the responsibility towards capacity building of employee within its setting.


Performance through people

The centre applies the practice of taking the performance as a measure for the people while making the efforts of progressive improvement.


Quality of working life

The obligation of the center to continuous improvement of the work environment, workload, and consideration of employee satisfaction.


Working conditions

The centre provides healthy, safe and, so far as practicable, pleasant working conditions, without leading to the redundancy of employee.


Age and employment policy


The issues of age and employment are addressed in the centre policies as follow:

Age discrimination:

age is a poor predictor of job performance; the centre doesn’t equate physical and mental ability with age.

Underage labour: under no circumstances the centre will not hire any underage for labour directly or indirectly. Any employee who fails to commit to this policy will be subjected to disciplinary actions.


AIDS/Hepatitis policy

Employees who know that they are infected with HIV will not be obliged to disclose the fact to the centre, but if they do, the fact will remain completely confidential. There will be no discrimination against anyone with or at risk of acquiring AIDS. Employees infected by HIV or suffering from AIDS will be treated no differently from anyone else suffering a severe illness. The centre provides all the personal with protective equipment that prevents HIV/AIDS transmission in the facility with the dissemination of written protocol to prevent HIV/AIDS.


Bullying policy

Bullying will not be tolerated at the centre, and those who persist in bullying the staff will be subject to disciplinary action, which could be severe in particularly bad cases. Individuals who are being bullied have the right to discuss the problem with another person; a representative or a member of the Human Resource personnel, and to make a complaint, and if a complaint is received it will be thoroughly investigated.


Discipline policy

Employees have the right to know what is expected of them and what could happen if they infringe the centre rules, and in handling disciplinary cases, the centre treats employees in accordance with the principles of natural justice.


Management of diversity policy

The centre acknowledges cultural and individual differences in the workplace. The centre values the different qualities that people bring to their jobs, and stress that, there is no bias in such areas as selection, promotion, performance assessment, pay and learning opportunities. In the centre individual differences are noticed and embraced rather than group differences.


Emails and use of the internet policy

Sending or downloading of offensive e-mails is prohibited, and the senders or downloaders of such messages are subject to disciplinary procedures. Reasonable use of the telephone and internet is acceptable.

Under certain circumstances of a formal investigation, the centre reserves the right to access and monitor all e-mail messages created, sent, received or stored on the Centre’s system.’


Employee development policy

The centre is committed to the continuous development of the skills and abilities of employees in order to maximise their contribution and to give them the opportunity to enhance their skills, realise their potential, advance their careers and increase their employability both within and outside the centre.


Employee relations policy

The centre sees to that, the rights of employees to have their interests represented to management if they so wish, through labour unions, staff associations or some other form of representative parties. All the representative parties or unions or associations will always be regarded as partners to the centre.


Employee voice policy

The center believes in allowing employees to have a say in matters that affect them, through regular feedback forms distribution, joint consultations and suggestions schemes.


Employment policy

Employment policies including, the employment relationship are according to Civil Service Laws, and legislations of Sudan 2007.


Equal opportunity policy

The centre is an equal opportunity employer. There is zero tolerance for direct or indirect discrimination against any employee on the grounds of race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion, marital status or age.

Direct discrimination takes place when a person is treated less favourably than others are, or would be, treated in similar circumstances, any proven of such an act will be subjected to disciplinary actions.

Indirect discrimination takes place when, whether intentional or not, a condition is applied that adversely affects a considerable proportion of people of one race, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, religion or marital status, or those with disabilities or older employees, any proven of such an act will be subjected to disciplinary actions.

The centre will ensure that equal opportunity principles are applied in all its HR policies and in particular to the procedures relating to the recruitment, training, development and promotion of its employees.

Where appropriate and where permissible under the relevant legislation and codes of practice, employees of under-represented groups will be given positive training and encouragement to achieve equal opportunity.


Grievances policy

Every employee at the centre has the right to raise their grievances with their manager, to be accompanied by a representative if they so wish, and to appeal to a higher level if they feel that their grievance has not been resolved satisfactorily.


New technology policy

The centre is committed to doing consultation about the introduction of new technology, with procedures and actions according to the nature and the purpose of the technology itself, that intend to minimise the risk of compulsory redundancy or adverse effects on other terms and conditions or working arrangements in the centre.


Promotion policy

The centre policy for promotion is to promote from within wherever this is appropriate as a means of satisfying its requirements for high-quality staff. We also have occasions when the centre it might present and future needs can only be met by recruitment from outside. Employees will be encouraged to apply for internally advertised jobs and will not be held back from promotion by their managers, and the only criterion for selection or promotion is the ability to do the job. As for training the only criterion for selection, the belief, irrespective of age, that the employee will benefit from the training.


Redundancy policy

The center aims to provide employment security. It is the centre intention to use its best endeavors to avoid involuntary redundancy through its redeployment and retraining programs. However, if redundancy is unavoidable, those affected will be given fair and equitable treatment, the maximum amount of warning, and every help that can be provided to obtain suitable alternative employment.



Reward policy

The centre provides an equitable pay system, equal pay for work of equal value. The centre pays for performance, competence, skill or contribution. The centre shares success with its employees in the form of acknowledgement, credit sharing, or profits sharing where it’s appropriate.

The centre provides flexible benefits, e.g. in case of field trips or overtime workload, where it’s appropriate. The centre also provides non-financial rewards resulting from recognition of accomplishment, autonomy and the opportunity to develop.


Sexual harassment policy

Sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Employees subjected to sexual harassment will be given advice, support and counselling as required. Assistance will be given to the employee to complain formally if informal discussions fail. Complaints will be handled sensitively and with due respect for the rights of both the complainant and the accused.

Sexual harassment is regarded as gross misconduct and, if proved, makes the individual liable for instant dismissal. Less severe penalties may be reserved for minor cases, but there will always be a warning that repetition will result in dismissal.