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Police investigation: Talley leg injury or shot
According to WFAA, Dallas police have completed the investigation of the shooting case of the Denver Manga, June 5, 2016, and got a conclusion that he was injured himself. However, Dallas police and Denver media have confirmed the above news.

At the same time, Talib himself did not explain more detailed description of this event. He just said that the injury did not cause greater impact, hoping to focus on the new season in the next time.

Talibab was shot at the lower part of the right leg on the morning of June 5, and the surgery was not accepted after a day of treatment. This accident also caused him to miss the wilderness of the Wild Horse Crowd.

According to the police investigation, Talib said he didn't know who opened the gun, while the bullet was incident on the right side of the thigh and wore from the tibule. The early police survey showed that a witnesman were at the same time, and there was a group of people gathered in the park. He heard a gun, and then found Talibab to the ground, so he sent it to the hospital.

In the early police investigation, Talibu's gun injury is caused by "an unknown suspect". That report did not mention whether Talib has weapons, but records 1 gram of marijuana found in the field. The survey did not mention whether marijuana belong to Talib.

Dallas Police showed that they were still investigating the possibility of shooting their own injury.

Dallas police did not raise any allegations, whether the case will be further fermented in the future, still unclear. nfl jerseys officially launched a survey, and many news in the alliance show that the official has not decided whether Talib will face a ban. However, the wild horse has indeed discussed if the Tali pro-games will deal with vacancies at the location.

Since the incident, until the past two weeks, John Elway has been constantly asked questions about Talib will face the implicit punishment. In this regard, Www.Eurocasalinghinoci.com his response is: "We have not learned any alliance official news, and finally, I don't know."

Talib did not undergo surgery and missed the White House Celebration after the championship. He later participated in the training camp on August 8 and played in the first four games of this season.

This is his ninth nfl jerseys season, and the first four games have been copied 3 times and complete the two copying attacks. In the 2015 season, he completed 45 cockroaches. He used to be Tampawan Pirates and New England Patriot Team players.