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Professor Bani is a community physician with extensive experience in international public health, epidemiology, preventive and community medicine, health and development for developing countries.

Academic Credentials

Fellowship in International Health, the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health U.S.A.
Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Royal College of Physicians, London, U.K.
Ph.D. in Human Nutrition University of Surrey Guilford, England, U.K.
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MD) Khartoum Medical School, Sudan


Professor Bani is a public health physician by training with over fifteen years of experience in International Public Health. His teaching experience is extensive, including faculty appointments as an Assistant and Associate Professor (Community Health) at King Saud University, and as a lecturer at Gazera Medical School, which is internationally recognized for its innovative community-based training. During his tenure at those academic institutions, he participated in many national training programs sponsored by WHO, USAID, and national governments of Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Iraq. In addition, he also worked as an adjunct professor at the International Health Department at George Washington University, USA and Visiting Professor, Community Health at the American University Beirut.

Currently, Dr. Bani is an adjunct Professor at Global Health Department, Rollins School of Public Health Emory University, USA, and Professor and Chairperson Community Medicine and Health Care, Faculty of Medicine at Al-qunfudah, Umm Alqura University, Saudi Arabia. He was the past Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies Faculty of Medicine (a community-oriented medical school), Jazan University, Saudi Arabia.

Dr Bani is a member of the Editorial Board for Tropical Medicine Reports Journal and Food and Nutrition Disorders Journal and reviewer of the Saudi Medical Journal and Saudi Family and Community Medicine Journals.

Dr Bani International experience is immense, including association with the Micronutrient Initiative (MI), World Bank, WHO, UNICEF, USAID, WFP, and UN Humanitarian Mission.

During his association with the United Nations as International Health Observer, he monitored and evaluated ongoing health programs in Iraq. During and after the recent Iraq war Dr. Bani was the epidemiologist for South Iraq.

Dr Bani also worked with the WHO as a consultant to evaluate regional management training programs in the Middle East and North Africa Region, and recently joined a WHO consultative group for developing Public Health Leadership and Networking. He has been a Professional Associate with the Institute of International Programs (Johns Hopkins School of Public Health) as a technical reviewer to assess Child Survival Programs funded by USAID. He has also been associated with UNHCR, to evaluate Health Manpower Needs for Ethiopian Refugee Camps in Sudan.


• Diplomate of Royal College of Physicians, London
• Chairman, Riyadh Dietetic Group, Graduate Center, College of Medicine, Saudi Arabia. Distinguished Award by College of Medicine for leading the Group for 4 years.
• Elected Fellow, Society of Tropical Medicine, London
• Elected Fellow, Royal Society of Health, London
• Member, American Academy of Family Physicians
• Member, Saudi Society for Medical Education
• Member, Saudi Family Community Medicine Society
• Member, American Public Health Association
• Member, Global Council of International Health
• Member, the American Dietetic Association
• Member, International Association of Epidemiology
• Member, American Society of Tropical Medicine
• Member, Advisory Board of Sudan American Foundation of Education
• Member, New York Academy of Sciences
• Member, International Council for Control of Iodine Deficiency Disorders

Aministrative experience

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Research and Community Service 2009- 08/15
Director of International Programs Unit 01/13-06/15
Chairperson – Dept. of Family & Community Medicine – Jazan University – Saudi Arabia 02/05- 10/13
Associate Dean for Quality and Development, & Research – Jazan University – Saudi Arabia 2009
International Programs Coordinator 2015
Technical Focal Point – WHO – Iraq 12/2003/2006- 2008
Team Co-Leader - Public Health Programs – UN Agencies 09/2003
Academic Adviser in Medical Education – Saudi Education Mission – Washington DC, USA 4/00-01/01

Head – Department of Nutrition 1986- 1989
Dept. Secretary – Dept. of Community Health Sciences, College of Applied Medical Sciences – Riyadh 1991

Coordinator of the Clinical Nutrition Program 1994 Dir. of Nutrition Pgm – Dept. of Community Health Sciences, College of Applied Medical Sciences – Riyadh 1996


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